About Us


Understanding Scottish people and Scottish visitors

Dedicated to continued product innovation and excellent customer service.


Based in southern Scotland, Thistle is Scottish led and Scottish owned. Over the past 30 years we’ve designed and launched some of Scotland’s most iconic products, from the Wild Hairy Haggis to the See You Jimmy Hat to the instant appeal of the Instakilt.


The success of these products, and many, many more, is rooted in our understanding of Scottish people and of Scottish visitors, the two main audiences for our ranges.

Scottish people and ex-pats want products that reflect Scotland’s sense of humour about itself, the Jimmy Hat being a case in point. Or they want products that reflect the stylish side of their nation, the crisp blue of the Saltire or the clean lines of Celtic design jewellery.

Scottish visitors are many and varied. They are looking for products that represent the sights they’ve seen and the places they’ve been. They want kitsch, cute, tartan, celtic, Burns, Nessie and tasty. Above all they want warmth, humour, quality, attractive price points and something that will make them smile.


We understand your customers and we understand you. We know that friendly service, speedy delivery and sensible minimum order values are important to you. We understand that retailing is a challenging industry, now more than ever. We know how to support and encourage sales through point of sale and merchandising and we’re always there at the end of a phone if you need help or advice.


Thistle is proud to serve retailers and proud to delight Scotland’s people and its visitors.